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How to Get Her in the Mood – Naughty Strategies To Make Her Want You

It’s not easy to get a girl in the mood for making love. Unlike men, most women need a little more coaxing before the become sexual. Most men forget this fact and then wonder why their women are not having sex anymore. Women need sexual release just like men do, but you have to help them get aroused. Men are very visual, so when you see your girl, it’s enough to get you in the mood. Women, are more in tune with other senses like touch and smell. Keep this in mind when I teach you how to get a girl int he mood throughout this article.

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Tip 1: You need to be romantic and loving. Women connect sex and love so if she thinks you really love her, she will be more comfortable and relaxed. More relaxed women are easier to arouse because they are not as tense. The vaginal muscles are effected by daily stress so the less tense she is, the easier it is to pleasure her.

Tip 2: You have to smell good. I’m not talking about taking a shower, I’m actually talking about the opposite. This can sometimes be random and chemically based. Every man and woman emit chemical hormones that the opposite sex pick up. It all has to do with biology and procreation. When it comes time to have babies you will be emitting more of these hormones. Why do you think so many people who have unprotected sex have children by accident? You think it was luck? It was because you really want to have sex when your at your peak of fertility.

Women are most aroused when they are fertile. You can use this to your advantage in a simple way. Note when your girl is extremely interested in making love. This is a good time for you to spray some light cologne that she likes. You can get her to make a connection between the time you are highly fertile to the cologne. This means that even if your not biologically ready for sex, you can still get her in the mood with the cologne.