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What makes you hot every time? Is it something dark and forbidden or is it more sweet and sensual? Do you want to be overpowered, tied up and taken? Maybe what turns you on the most is the thought of being watched. Or maybe what gets every nerve in your body tingling is the idea of a slow and sensual erotic massage. It doesn’t matter what your fantasy is; it’s yours, so own it and use it to help get yourself in that juicy mind frame before the action starts.

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Once the casual sex energy is flowing, if you’re a fan of girls dating nipple stimulation, go ahead and try some nipple clips. If you’re starting out get adjustable ones that will take you from light to heavy pressure. You can even get vibrating nipple clamps for added sensation.

I love rabbit style vibes, vibes that provide simultaneous internal and clitoral stimulation, but for some, anatomy can make hitting on the perfect one for you challenging. The easy way around that, and one that provides greater versatility, is using a clit vibe in tandem with a dildo or a separate vibrator, one that hits your g-spot is even better.

It may require two hands but it’s definitely worth the extra effort. Also, and this is true for me, after a while, you may not particularly need thrusting, but just love the feeling of fullness you get with a dildo or vibe in place. Giving your vaginal muscles something to grasp and squeeze against when orgasmic tends to pump up the power.

Lot of women seeking men enjoys sex dating tips with these toys. So your head’s in the right place, you’re merrily buzzing along feeling those amazing sensations in and around you clitoris, you have a dildo inside that you can contract your muscles around bringing you closer and closer — what else could you do to make this even better? Well, here’s where I like to go for the trisect and make use of a butt plug.

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You can start your session out by inserting the plug of your choice, and with the amazing variety of butt plugs out there, you’re sure to find one that’s just right for you, or you can add one after you’ve warmed up a bit. The feeling of being filled, back and front, is truly one I adore. If you’ve ever had double penetration fantasies, this is a great, safe way to experience those sensations.

Using girls looking discreet sex toys is one way to take your orgasms from great fun. Take your time and pick up women to give these techniques a go when you’re not rushed and can really relax into the sensations, try adding one toy at a time, and remember you can try these with a partner too. There’s no reason not to add a clit vibe or a butt plug when you’re having sex with your partner.